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Here are some ways we can help to promote your business, service or Christmas concert tour with NP100.


Spot Advertising

This is the most traditional way of advertising on the radio. We can work with you to script and record an advert for regular broadcast on NP100. Our ad breaks are shorter than most commercial stations, meaning that your message won't get lost in the mix!

Concert Tour Promotions

We can run multi-platform promotions for your tour, which can include recorded promo ads, adverts in our newsletter, plus web advertising and competitions.

Show Sponsorship

For continual brand awareness, many of our shows are available for sponsorship. We run up to three sponsor tags per hour, and we'll work with you to craft the perfect message.

Website Campaigns

From clickable ads to pre-roll messages on our live audio streams, talk to us about how we can send traffic to your site or campaign.

Contact us for more information - we'd love to chat about how we could work together.

You can email us here.