Friday 25th June 2021 - 13:13
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25th June, 00:12


In the scorching heat of an Australian Christmas, three seventy-something friends meet at a beach house in the coastal town of Bittoes.
24th June, 17:35

Father sues 'cowboy' landlord after claiming partner caught pneumonia and died

Timothy McDonagh, 42, said his partner Kelly Naghten died because 'cowboy' landlord Ali Bolat did not do enough to make sure their 'freezing' north London house was in a habitable state.
24th June, 07:02

Super calm man casually peels carrots as a huge fire rages just behind his house

Samara Christmas, from Queensland's Sunshine Coast, filmed the now viral footage of her father standing in the kitchen preparing a meal while the huge blaze engulfed the field behind their home.
24th June, 06:41

Bachelor star Noni Janur unveils her incredible hair transformation

Noni, who runs her own swimwear company, unveiled her newly permed hair in a stunning set of images from a modelling shoot on Wednesday
23rd June, 16:13

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork documentary slammed by UK man French court found guilty in absentia

Ian Bailey, 63, who was convicted of the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in absentia in 2019, told the Irish Times the series Sophie: A Murder in West Cork is 'based entirely on a false narrative'.
23rd June, 10:22

Family reveal the devastating effects of Covid on their 'strong and happy' father

Mark Moore, 59, tested positive for the virus in January and was taken to Nottingham City Hospital during the second wave triggered by the so-called Kent variant - where he was put into a coma.
23rd June, 09:34

The Undateables star Daniel Wakeford SPLITS from fiancé Lily Taylor

The Undateables star Daniel Wakeford has split from fiancé Lily Taylor and cancelled their wedding.
23rd June, 06:47

Sri Lankan asylum seeker family are granted visas

Last week the Murugappan family were reunited on the Australian mainland after being granted a community detention order.
23rd June, 04:05

How Sydney Bondi Junction Covid outbreak compares to Northern Beaches cluster Delta variant

Health officials reject comparisons between Bondi's coronavirus cluster with the outbreak that locked down the Northern Beaches over Christmas and the New Year.
22nd June, 17:28

Coroner slams lack of 'joined up thinking' after psychopathic fantasist was able to murder teacher

Carl Langdell, who died in prison aged 30, met Katie Locke (pictured), 23, through the dating site before going to a four-star hotel in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, on Christmas Eve in 2015.
22nd June, 12:38

X Factor star Kyle Cutkelvin, 27, admits repeatedly kicking a man in the head during street assault 

Kyle Cutkelvin, 27, admitted the assault, which took place just a few days before Christmas 2019, at Lanark Sheriff Court in Scotland. He competed in the 2017 series of the X Factor.
22nd June, 12:05

Two female editors accuse company behind The Crown of trying to protect exec who assaulted them

Holly Bourdillon was attacked by producer at Left Bank Pictures, Chris Croucher, who was drunk and high on cocaine when he chased her around a Soho office pestering her for sex.
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