Friday 14th August 2020 - 11:13
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13th August, 15:59

Ice addict gropes a woman, bashes a nurse and sends a bank into lockdown during two-day crime spree

Craig Anthony Mulry was taken into custody after a crime spree around the Gold Coast suburb of Southport on December 3.
13th August, 13:19

FA Cup replays and two-leg Carabao Cup semi-finals are SCRAPPED next season

It comes as the first four rounds of the Carabao Cup are set to be played before the end of September as the EFL desperately tries to squeeze in the tournament.
12th August, 22:48

Man who raped a Japanese tourist SEVEN times on Christmas Day will walk free in DAYS

Kym Spoehr was jailed in 2003 after admitting he hit the Japanese woman over the head with a piece of wood before dragging her to his bush camp where he tied her to a tree.
12th August, 17:14

Dairy-free Baileys Almande Liqueur just £12 on Amazon

You can now nab the dairy-free Baileys Almande Liqueur for only £12 on Amazon - perfect for summer cocktails or drinking over ice.
11th August, 18:46

Tyson Fury will fight Deontay Wilder in the US of a decent name in the UK in December, says Warren

Frank Warren has said that Tyson Fury is desperate to return to the ring in December and will either face Deontay Wilder in a trilogy clash in the US or have a UK homecoming against a decent name.
11th August, 09:34

DJ Neil Fox says lockdown inspired him to beat diabetes by going on a diet and has already lost 3kg

The former Pop Idol judge, 59, says he is determined to reverse the condition by Christmas through a strict diet and more exercise.
11th August, 00:05

Nurse invited grief-stricken 81-year-old grandmother to her house for Christmas Day 

Nicola Peat, 44, from South Tyneside, invited Angela Coverdale-Robinson, 81, to her home on Christmas Day after hearing that the pensioner had missed the last train back home.
9th August, 16:47

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds are planning a stay in Scotland but they won't drop in on the Queen

The Prime Minister - who chose the Caribbean for his last pre-Covid holiday, at Christmas - will head north of the border with fiancee Carrie Symonds and baby son Wilfred later this month.
8th August, 07:46

Victorian Premier warns COVID-19 cases need to go down before families can celebrate Christmas

Following another jump in cases on Saturday with 466 new infections and 12 deaths, the Victorian premier revealed the holiday season would look very different if numbers continued to rise.
7th August, 22:59

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Samantha Cameron's brother reveals he is having a baby girl

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Gender reveal parties might be an American tradition but they're fast becoming popular on this side of the Atlantic.
7th August, 11:46

Chef slams Kirstie Allsopp as she says the presenter 'didn't pay her' for work on Homemade Christmas

Kerstin Rodgers, from London, said in a tweet which has since been liked over 14,000 times that Kirstie Allsopp 'didn't want to pay' for her contributions to a Christmas programme.
7th August, 03:33

Tamil daughter's dance to nursery rhymes on Christmas Island unaware of deportation to Sri Lanka

Heartbreaking footage shows the two young girls Kopika, four, and Tharunicaa, two, who were both born in Australia, dancing and singing to nursery rhymes while on Christmas Island.
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