Thursday 15th April 2021 - 14:11
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15th April, 12:23

Rob Brydon hints at one more Gavin & Stacey special

Reflecting on the final scene - which ended before Smithy could respond - Rob admitted show writers James Corden and Ruth Jones should press ahead a suitable resolution.
15th April, 07:37

Keith Urban reveals he was Christmas shopping when Taylor Swift contacted him about Fearless album

In the interview set to air Thursday, the country music star revealed in a remote interview with the daytime chat show host that he'd listened to the music while sitting in a food court.
15th April, 06:58

Perth man surprises girlfriend in romantic underwater proposal at Christmas Island

Mattia Materrese, 30, popped the question to Fiona Tgo, 27, while 33ft underwater on the first day of their Christmas Island holiday, handing her a laminated note and a ring tied to a clam shell.
15th April, 03:00

MAFS: Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson get matching tattoos

The controversial couple, both 32, got identical forearm tattoos on the Gold Coast just days after filming their final vows in Sydney in early December
15th April, 02:14

Kristina Keneally accuses Peter Dutton of cancelling her trip to meet detained Tamil family

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally has accused Peter Dutton of cancelling her trip to visit a Tamil family from Biloela who are being detained on Christmas Island.
14th April, 21:29

Angie Harmon finally removes her Christmas decorations nearly FOUR months after the holiday

The 48-year-old SAG Award nominee recently teased a 'top secret' voiceover gig she got for Lifetime Television
14th April, 21:10

Here's how to sort the treasures from the trash when second-hand shopping

Prue White shares her top tips for navigating the second-hand minefield, as the UK's savviest shoppers trawl charity shops in search of bargains.
14th April, 16:34

FBI got Australian firm to hack San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone after privacy standoff with Apple

After the 2015 San Bernardino terror attacks, top center, Apple refused to unlock the iPhone of shooter Syed Farook, left. But a secretive hacking firm, led by Mark Dowd, right, unlocked the phone.
13th April, 14:53

People are flogging Prince Philip memorabilia on eBay

People are flogging Prince Philip memorabilia on eBay - just four days after the tragic news of the Duke of Edinburgh's death on Friday.
12th April, 21:02

Burns survivor becomes a beauty queen

Danielle Nielson, now 30, was just 13 months old when she suffered horrific third degree burns across her body as a result of a near-fatal accident.
12th April, 01:51

Healthy 10-year-old boy Luca Amery diagnosed with a brain tumour after falling off his bike

Luca Amery, from Ballina, NSW, was holidaying with his family in Thredbo during the Christmas break last year when he tumbled off his bike and fell two metres to the ground.
12th April, 01:15

Jetski Romeo 'splits from his girlfriend' - months after he risked his life by crossing Irish Sea

Dale McLaughlan, 28, won the heart of Jessica Radcliffe, 30, after making the 25-mile journey from Scotland to the Isle of Man to visit his new love in December last year - but friends say it wasn't to last.
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