Saturday 20th July 2019 - 18:39
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20th July, 17:13

Australian woman reveals how undetected heart condition almost killed her

Michelle Hampton, a 38-year-old public relations expert from Sydney, said if she hadn't had her condition diagnosed two years ago there's a very good chance she wouldn't be alive today.
19th July, 14:45

Bargain-mad mum reveals how she feeds her family of four for under £3 a day

Coupon queen Lucy Noble, 40, from Sunderland, feeds her family-of-four for under £3- a-day, and has even already paid off Christmas, having got all her presents in the January sales.
19th July, 07:01

Son of murdered civil servant Catherine Burke brands his mother's killer an 'evil being'

Kasim Lewis, 32, bound and gagged Catherine Burke, 55, in her £700,000 home in Muswell Hill, north London, before stabbing her to death on November 16, 2017.
18th July, 22:23

The glorious stories behind It's A Wonderful Life, the 'most inspirational' movie ever

At the age of 77, Sir Paul is co-writing a stage musical of the black-and-white classic which was voted Britain's favourite Christmas film in a Radio Times poll last year.
18th July, 07:36

Woman celebrates fastening her plane seatbelt for first time in 15 YEARS after losing seven stone

Trisha Lewis, 31, from Limerick, Ireland, lost a whopping seven stone in two years after getting stuck behind the wheel of a vehicle on Christmas Day in 2016, which shocked her into action.
18th July, 07:18

British pair will fly newly restored Spitfire 27,000 miles around the world

Steve Brooks and Matt Jones will take a five-month trip starting August 5. They will set off from the Boultbee Flight Academy in Sussex and head west through North America and back through Asia.
18th July, 00:37

Sir Paul McCartney gets to work on It's A Wonderful Life stage version

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed he is working on a stage adaptation of Christmas classic It's A Wonderful Life.
17th July, 09:15

James Corden dons a £1,600 Gucci cardigan as he heads out to film Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special

James Corden might be back in Barry to film scenes as Smithy for Gavin and Stacey's Christmas Special, but his Hollywood lifestyle appears to be something he just can't shake.
16th July, 11:27

One-year-old with leukaemia inspires 600 people to get swabbed to find her a stem cell donor

Phoebe Ashfield was diagnosed in January. A stem cell transplant is her only option, but her parents are not a match. In one day, hundreds of strangers were tested in her hometown, Dudley.
16th July, 10:18

Pictured: 'Squatter' Fadi Fawaz after he 'went berserk and smashed windows in rampage'

Unemployed Fadi Fawaz was photographed in front of smashed windows on a balcony in the £5million London home that once belonged to his lover George Michael. A builder says he shattered them.
16th July, 08:22

Roller derby competitor sexually assaulted and bit women

Jennifer Marie Petersen, 31, of Gladstone Park - 15kms northwest of Melbourne - was drunk when she attacked the women.
16th July, 06:44

Couple handed restraining orders after erecting banners with their neighbours' faces on them

Courtney Lytton, 66, and his 60-year-old wife Fiona (pictured) had been charged with harassment without violence between Christmas Day and March at Ludgvan in Cornwall. Given restraining orders.
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